THE COLOR is a Christian Pop band from Canada. These bona fide road warriors have been touring North America for the past 10 years and have garnered great success in the industry with their singles ‘Surprise’ and ‘The Kind Of Man’, both of which charted in the Top 50 on Billboard’s CCM Audience Airplay (Surprise at #27 and The Kind Of Man at #42). Boasting an energetic live show and songs that emanate hope, The Color was the recipient of the 2018 & 2022 Juno Award and were named 2017, 2018 & 2019 Group of the Year at the GMA ‘Covenant Awards’.



One of my earliest memories playing music is of my dad and I in our basement. Dad on his baby blue Fender electric and me attempting to play my black Pearl Export kit (which I could barely see over), after I had finally graduated from pots and pans. This was a reoccurring scene in my household and it was this intentional time and space that sparked a love and passion for music that would consume my thoughts, my time and my dreams.As I grew older I discovered that this passion for music went beyond simply the ability to play songs or sing the right notes. It connected; it had impact. Music stirs the heart in a way that few things do and I have come to realize that, more than any fame or success, it is my desire to use it to speak life into those around me. In the same way that my dad was willing to be intentional with me, I want to be intentional with each song, fan and opportunity.



Being a part of music has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. In grade 6, my big brother got an electric guitar, and it didn’t take long before I was playing it more than he did…which is the reason he takes credit for my skills. Unknowingly, this launched me into what seems to be a life of playing and constantly learning.

I have my family to thank for such an enormous amount of support through all the various different aspects of my musical adventures from ‘rap/rock’ and ‘southern gospel’ to what we are now doing with The Color. My passion stems from what I believe is a calling to encourage and empower others through the gifts I’ve been blessed with, and to show joy and love where needed. Music is so incredibly powerful and to me the sound of one crisp resonating guitar chord can speak such strength, and has the ability move in so many ways.



I got my start playing drums in my church as a young boy, when my Sunday school class was doing a special number and I decided to go sit at the drums, instead of singing. My Sunday school teacher, being just a great dude, decided not to try to get me to stop and instead came and showed me a basic beat. A love and never-ending journey on this instrument began that day. I was fortunate to be in a family where my dad sang Southern Gospel for a living, for a number of years, and I had the opportunity to play with some amazing musicians with his band at a young age, all the while also having my own hardcore band.

My formal studies started in my preteens and continued through to university. This took me all over North America, studying with amazing drummers. Playing with my own rock and worship bands took me on tours all over Canada, before I started doing session work. This took me to some potentially dark places and, instead of drifting down that path, it convicted me of the power of being a Christian in these environments and the opportunity I had to be a light to those I was playing with. After my wife and I had our son, Maddy, I started to feel the need for a deeper purpose for my playing. God continued to put me in all kinds of musical situations which eventually had me cross paths with The Color, in the summer of 2015. I officially joined the band in the Fall of that year, and couldn’t be happier playing the gospel behind my white DW’s.