Bryan Fowler, Jordan Janzen, James Shiels

Every day is a uphill climb
There’s a hundred million reasons why
I could think that I’ve been lost and forgotten
Every kingdom I built myself
Fell apart like sand before my eyes
But I’m learning now to trust You are sovereign

From the first breath of my lungs
To the day you call me home
You will never leave my side

Father You are here
Even when You feel so distant
I know You are near
I know that You always listen
In the valley of my fear
In the shadow of my doubt
Father You are here
Father You are here right now
You are here right now
You are here right now
You are here right now
Here right now

Looking back on the winding road
Every turn you were always by my side
Like a melody, Your love was playing over me

You’re faithful to the end
My life is in your hands
And you will never let me
Let me go
You hold my future safe
You carry me with grace
You promise me I’m not alone