Jordan Janzen

Dear Hailey it’s good to hear from you tonight
I know it’s been a while, but it won’t take to long to pick up from last time
So what’s on your mind

You say no matter what it is you do,
You never feel quite good enough what is it that you’re gonna have to do?
Just be you

Hailey why you crying?
Don’t you know you’re beautiful
And you can hold on, even in the dark
I wanna see you smiling
Knowing that you’re not alone
And I won’t let you go

Hailey I see you cry your self to sleep
Wishing things were just the way you see them in your dreams
But daddy’s gone and the pain is not

You’re asking my why he had to leave?
Is there any way this broke home could once again become a family?
You gotta trust me

Hailey there’s something I gotta share
I know everything about you from the freckles on your nose to every hair
That’s how much I care