What More Can I Do?

By Jordan Janzen

I’ll take you by the hand tonight
I’ll keep you up from falling down
You’re moving one step at a time
To another sleepless night of
Hello girl! can’t you see something’s not right
When your waking up with someone
You don’t know yourself

I’m asking

What more can I do to make you
Take a look around, You’ll find you’re
Looking in the eyes of the one who’s really there
Well I know exactly what your thinking
I won’t say this will be easy
But I’ll stand beside you till we’re there
If only you knew I was here

You walk right back into the lies
You follow, eyes closed, run around
To find this dream that’s not your life
Not seeing how you lose yourself
Oh girl can’t you see somethings not right
You gave it all to someone you just want to be held