First Day Of My Life

Written by Bryan Fowler, Jordan Janzen, James Shiels – Aug 18th, 2016

I used to wander
Like a beggar looking for a place to lay my weary head
Lost in the darkness
Never thought that I would see the light of day again

But then you came running
You broke through the walls I made
Like a hurricane and built me back again
In a moment
All the color’s I was blinded to
Came rushing in

I saw the whole world stop right in front of my eyes
I watched the floodgates burst pouring love from the sky
I felt the waters wash over me it was like
The first day of my life, day of my life
Life, Life, Life
First day of my life
Life, life, life
First day of my life

Now that you found me
I can hold my head up high and walk with confidence
My God you are for me
There is nothing that can take me from your hand again

No sin can separate us
You have overcome the world
And you promised you will hold me till the end
I believe it
I have fixed my eyes and I’m not looking back again

The first day of my life
The first day of my life
The first day of my life
The first day, first day, first day

First day (x8)