Eyes Wide Open

by David Moffitt, Rusty Varenkamp, James Shiels and Jordan Janzen

Verse 1
Sometimes the most important thing can be forgotten
Sometimes what really that matters most keeps getting lost
I leave you in the backseat waiting and find myself alone
When You’re the one I really want

I wanna see you with
My eyes wide open
Don’t wanna turn away
And miss you in the moment
(I) lay my defences down
And run into your freedom
To see the wonder that you are
With eyes wide open

Verse 2
Without you it’s a wilderness and my soul is thirsty
Without you I am in the dark, I’m walking blind
Your love is all that satisfies me melt this heart of stone
Leave my fear far behind

You are salvation
You are my God

Song Progression:
Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus