What I Would Say To You

The Color
by Aaron Rice, Rusty Varenkamp, James Shiels, Jordan Janzen

Verse 1
I heard the news today
and it floored me
It came so suddenly
I couldn’t imagine
I couldn’t imagine

Verse 2
Wish I could change this
and take it all away
I won’t pretend to know
What it feels like
Oh what it feels like

(But) What I would say to you
In the pain you’re going through
No matter where you are
His hands are never far
Still holding to you
(And) What I want you to know
You’re not facing this all alone
Cuz hope is never gone
You’re right where you belong
And He’s there too
What I would say to you

Verse 3
I can’t begin to ease
How your heart aches
But the truth remains
No matter what you feel
No matter what you feel

Let your burdens fall
For the Lord our God He is on your side
Let Him take them all
In our weakness we see His strength rise

Song Progression: Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Bridge