Bryan Fowler, Jordan Janzen and James Shiels

Look at the stars
Hung in the sky
Who put them there?
Who gives them light?
No ocean deep
Could hold His grace
Follow His lead
And He’ll make a way

He broke the fall when he rose from the grave
He changed it all in a matter of days
No matter how great the problem we face
We gotta remember, He stays the same

When you just can’t face tomorrow
When you’re down deep in the sorrow
When your faith is on the edge
Don’t be afraid to step
‘Cause even if you fail to fly
He’ll catch you by surprise
He’ll catch you by surprise

Don’t be afraid
Stand on your feet
His hands of love
Hold everything
All that we know
Can’t comprehend
His perfect will
And His perfect plan

When you’re fading in the fight
He’ll catch you by surprise
And He won’t let go
He will turn the dark to light
Right before your eyes
And He won’t let go